About Aura Photography

What is aura photography?

Our energy radiates all around us, Aura photography captures a moment in time and provides us with visual insight to our energetic state, feelings, goals and/or thoughts. Your aura is as unique as you; every photo is different, and every aura is beautiful!

How is my Aura captured?

Meraki Market's AuraCam 6000® uses hand sensors that gather data through key acupuncture points on each hand.  It is a double exposure process and uses biofeedback to read the energy frequencies surrounding your body. Our intention is to provide you with a true glimpse of your energy, in that exact moment.

What is the difference between your Aura and Chakras?

Your aura is the energy you project outwards, chakras are how your energy circulates internally.

What is the refund/rescheduling policy?

All appointments are final and cannot be rescheduled or refunded. 

Will my aura change?

Yes! Your aura is a map of your current energetic state. As the seasons change, so do we. We suggest having your aura photographed on a cyclical basis...think of it like a check-up for your energy!

Do you book private events/parties?

We do offer after-hours readings for groups! Please email hello@merakimarketnj.com with more information about your event, including the date you are interested in booking.